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For those of us in Chattanooga, health insurance coverage is part of an overall lifestyle of wellness in this great and historical city. The fourth largest city in the state, Chattanooga is located in Southeast Tennessee near the border of Georgia.

Founded in 1816, the city originally went by two names, Ross’s Landing and LookoutCity. Later, in 1838, it was renamed Chattanooga after a Creek Indian word meaning “rock coming to a point” because of LookoutMountain, which begins in Chattanooga and expands for eighty-eight miles through Alabama and Georgia.

Chattanooga, TN has been named “One of the 50 Best Places to Live” by National Geographic Magazine.

Local Chattanooga Health Insurance

There are many local insurance services with offices available right in Chattanooga. Some of these are BB&T, Huffaker & Trimble, BlueCross Blue Shield of Tennessee, Chattanooga Land Company, Dorothy L. Grisham Agency, Fidelity Trust Company, First Horizon Insurance, Insurance Xchange, Kinsey Probasco Hays, Ledford Planning Service, Russ Blakely & Associates, and the Unum Group. Of course, health insurance as well as all other forms of insurance can be provided by many different carriers as well.

Where your Chattanooga health insurance is accepted will depend upon your policy. If you have a network, it is your responsibility to be certain that your provider is in the network. Be sure you understand the consequences of your benefits before choosing to go out-of-network.  In addition to all of the doctors and hospitals, there are several health care facilities in Chattanooga that are of a specialized nature that may work with your insurance company.

The AIM Center offers psychiatric rehabilitation services with a lifetime membership so that individuals can always return at their choosing. Alexian Brothers of the Southeast provides services related to residential, retirement, and community resources for seniors and older adults. The Orange Grove Center is a private not for profit organization that aids both children and adults who have developmental disabilities.

Signal Centers is also a not for profit center that focuses on disabilities, early childhood education and self-sufficiency for children, adults, and families. Siskin’s Children’s Institute is involved in education, outreach programs, specialized pediatric health care, and ongoing research for improving the quality of life for children and families while Siskin Hospital provides physical rehabilitation for all ages.

Option for Chattanooga Health Insurance Coverage

Chattanooga providers typically offer two kinds of health insurance. Fee-for-Service is a program where the insurance benefit pays for all or for some of the total medical bills upon completion of your treatment. With this plan you are able to choose any doctor or health care provider.

Managed Care is a type of insurance that includes Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs), and POS (Point of Service) plans. Managed Care plans tend to have more comprehensive services and medical treatments and are offered in exchange for a fixed periodic fee. The providers in these networks have agreed to accept a discounted rate in advance and, depending on your policy, out-of-network providers may result in your coverage being denied.

Be sure to compare your insurance options in some way. You can call each provider, visit their websites or contact an agent. A free Chattanooga health insurance quote tool at the top of this page allows you to get quotes from a few providers at once. Then you can decide who you want to follow up with, without the pressure of a sales person. It's a proven fact that those consumers who comparison shop their insurance end up with the best rates and plans.

Chattanooga Health Insurance Laws

The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance regulates insurance and entitles you to certain rights. For example, you have the right to receive coverage for benefits that are mandated. You are also allowed to request a copy of your benefits and documentation of what is and what isn’t covered.

You or your provider is to receive prompt payment of all eligible claims. If you are denied coverage or denied specific benefits, you should receive a written explanation of the denials. You cannot be denied emergency room coverage in a life threatening case. Contact information must also be provided where you can make legitimate complaints or file for appeals.

Regarding group health, in Tennessee you cannot be denied group health coverage despite your health status. However, your group health plan can place limitations on pre-existing conditions. Furthermore, your health insurance cannot be canceled due to illness. If your employment is terminated you have the right to remain in the plan for a period of time and if you are eligible for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) you have the right to buy a Chattanooga individual health insurance policy. If group health insurance is lost, certain cases may be eligible to purchase a conversion policy. Group plans are guaranteed for small businesses regardless of the risk of claims. Low income individuals may be eligible for free or subsidized health care.

If you lose your health insurance and receive Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA), you may qualify for a federal income tax credit called Health Coverage Tax Credit (HCTC) to help pay for new coverage. TAA is a federal program that provides reemployment services and benefits to workers who have lost their jobs or had their hours reduced due to production moving overseas or an increase in imports.

The HCTC is also Federal and it provides a tax credit that makes it possible for eligible individuals to pay only 20% of their health insurance premiums. You may also be eligible for HCTC if you are retired, aged fifty-five to sixty-five, and a part of the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC). PBGC is a federal corporation that protects the pensions of American workers and retirees.

Tennessee, like most states, seems to pay close attention to insurance regulation to assure that misconduct does not occur and that people are able to get insurance coverage. The kind of insurance coverage that you are able to obtain depends on several factors, and the best way to start choosing the best Chattanooga health insurance plan for you is by comparing various benefits and costs.

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